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Nikal is a dynamic and progressive force within the property industry that specialises in the imaginative redevelopment and regeneration of strategic sites across the UK and beyond.

Nikal was founded by Nick Payne and Alan Murphy in 2003 and is a privately held limited company. They first met in 2001 after being introduced by their bank. Both were successful entrepreneurs in their own right – Alan had just sold a pioneering tissue paper business for a significant sum and Nick was riding high on the success of Manchester’s first leisure regeneration project, Deansgate Locks, and was hungry for a new creative challenge.

A chance meeting on a night out in Manchester led to several drinks being shared and five hours of ‘what ifs’. By dawn, they had laid down the foundations for a new property business with the aim of creating vibrant new spaces where communities could live, work, shop and thrive.

The name Nikal – an abbreviation of their Christian names – originated in a moment of humour but it’s association with the precious metal, Nickel, and the suggestion of something being ‘shiny’ and having value led to it being adopted for the new firm.

It took Nick and Alan a year to establish Nikal. In that time they assembled a handpicked team of trusted associates, all experts in their field with an entrepreneurial outlook and a shared passion for inspirational design, sustainable regeneration and the revitalisation of brownfield sites.

Together, they have grown Nikal into a successful and respected property development business with an impressive and diverse portfolio of award-winning projects in the UK’s major towns and cities as well as abroad.

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